About Angels Youth Development

Angels Youth Development (AYD), a Division of the Angels Baseball Non-Profit, is focused on bringing kids together from all socioeconomic classes to participate in programs with the sole purpose of enhancing the lives of all those that participate.  The Be Accountable program will be the flagship service for the group.  We will also offer Book Clubs during summer months, and will soon launch a Challenger Club in the Winter of 2020.

Angels Youth Development will also launch a Scholarship Program, that will help offset fees for services for qualifying kids and families.  The funds will be applied to fees for Angels Baseball programs; as well as for services offered by outside organizations that share the same values and mission as the Angels group.


Be Accountable Program

The Be Accountable Program was launched in the Summer of 2018 as a two-day program focused on getting kids to understand that they are responsible for their own development.  The BA program will be expanded in 2020 to a 20-week program that consists of the following topics:

  • Accountability to Yourself

  • Accountability to Your Family

  • Accountability to Your Friends

  • Accountability at School

  • Accountability to Your Community


We will conduct one 75 minute session each week.  Participants will begin each session with a 30-minute physical activity that focuses on improving an individual's fitness.  We will begin each session with a fitness routine for two reasons.  First, we want to be sure we are taking care of ourselves.  Second, physical activity has be proven to strengthen the brain and improve one's mental performance.

The participants will then be put through a lecture/discussion on the various topics mentioned above.  Participants will also be required to practice accountability at home, in school and in the community throughout the 20-week program.

Book Club

We believe that kids should read EVERY DAY.  Reading has been proven to increase intelligence, reduce stress, stimulates the brain, and helps us to disconnect from technology!  research has shown that the most successful people read daily.  Warren Buffett reads five to six hours daily.  Bill Gates said he would read 50 books a year.  And Mark Cuban often reads three hours each day.  

But, many people read but never truly ingest what they read.  For reading to be fruitful, we need to put it into action.  This is why Angels Youth Development has created a FREE Summer Book Club for kids.  Throughout the summer, kids can participate in book clubs.  Each week kids will meet, via Zoom, to discuss specific topics within designated chapters for that week.  Parents will be sent the topics for each week and the kids will be responsible for preparing for each question.  During the Zoom session, each kid will be given the opportunity to offer their insight on at least one of the topics.

The Book Club discussions are a fantastic way for kids to truly gain an understanding of what has been read.

Challenger Club

The Challenger Club is a new Program that will be launched in September 2020.  Kids will be invited to participate in this FREE program that will span 3 months.  The Challenger Club requires that kids set a goal that they believe they can achieve in 3 months.  The goal can be big or it can be small; but should be something that they have never achieved.  It could be running a mile in under 10 minutes; reading one book every week; or doing 10 push-ups.  The options are endless!

There are so many benefits to setting and achieving goals.  Goals can trigger new positive behaviors; they can help improve your focus; and they can help motivate us to do bigger and better things in life.

Each week, we will meet via a Zoom session where each participant will discuss their progress to their goal.  We will discuss roadblocks and issues that may be preventing us from reaching our goals; and we will work, as a group to support each other so that we all achieve the goal in the end.  We will also bring in special guests that will talk about goals they have achieved or obstacles they have overcome to achieve something great.  We can all find support in each other; and with that support we find that it is easier for us to stick with our goals and see them through to the end.

The purpose behind the Challenger Club is to get kids to start seeing that they can do more than they believed they were capable of doing.  We want our kids to not only dream bigger; but to see themselves achieving bigger things.  Once we get them understanding that they can do more, we will have opened them up to a whole new world of possibilities.